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IMMERSIVE PLAYGROUNDMeet the latest innovation and program that will assist you and your brand to have meaningful consumer engagement
Kompas Media GroupKG Media is a trusted and reliable partner offering credible solutions for media and communication in the digitalized world. With the largest digital audience in Indonesia, we reach over 60% of the population, resonating with them beyond just reach. Our approach is simple yet powerful: seamlessly blending storytelling with strategic marketing to create connections that matter.

At KG Media, we're more than just a service provider; we're your partners in success. Our comprehensive 360-degree solutions cover every aspect of media and marketing, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of businesses across the board. With our expertise guiding the way, we help businesses forge strong bonds with their target audience, navigating the competitive digital landscape with confidence.

Join us in thriving with purpose as we shape the future of digital media transformation together.
V2 IndonesiaAn innovative company that combines automation technology and digital reality to change the face of industry. Providing services for all business sectors, companies to government. Armed with a platform equipped with sophisticated software that will bring a technological revolution into every aspect of life. As well as, building strong collaborations with future industry leaders.
Buzzohero | TikTokSince 2015, Buzzohero has been assisting brands with digital campaigns, specializing in video production, KOL management, and digital ads. As an official partner of TikTok, Buzzohero has achieved multiple awards and satisfied clients. This achievement establishes Buzzohero as a digital marketing agency for enhancing brand visibility to the market.
iForteTelecommunication Infrastructure Company & Internet Service Provider with more than 200,000 km of fiber optic cable and has successfully connected more than 30,000 Indonesian towers in Indonesia. We also operate more than 6,000 VSAT Sites and has served more than 4,500 corporate clients throughout Indonesia.

Our motto, “Connectivity For Better Life” embodies our belief that connectivity does not solely provide a solution for one’s business needs, but can also serve as a positive driving force for the development of culture and society as a whole.
AffinitymCanvas & VEVE: Pioneering Advertising Excellence
At the forefront of cutting-edge advertising, mCanvas and VEVE, both under the umbrella of Affinity Global Inc., unite to offer unparalleled advertising experiences across a diverse array of platforms.

mCanvas - Drive Attention. Craft Connections
mCanvas creates impactful advertising experiences with an attention-first approach, coupling your brand's story with interactive sensors and features programmatically, by activating innovative ads across smart devices including mobile, desktop and CTV.

VEVE - Connecting Brands to OEMs
VEVE, a pioneer in OEM advertising, creates unique ads across mobile OEMs, browsers, and app stores, engaging 1B+ users worldwide. Valuing privacy, VEVE enables brands to achieve their advertising KPIs including clicks, website visits, installs, sales, or subscriptions - backed by a dedicated team continually optimising campaigns for success.
Emtek & VidioVidio is one of Indonesia's most popular news and entertainment websites, with live streaming channels, critically acclaimed original content, real-time audience involvement, and talent spotting competitions.

Users can enjoy live streaming, watch TV and anytime, as well as other exclusive shows on Vidio.com anytime and anywhere.
Djarum SuperliveSuperlive is the media hub for the Supermusic, Superadventure, Supersoccer, and Superchallenge brands, offering a variety of news, highlights, and updates from the worlds of music, art, outdoor adventure, urban adventure, entrepreneurship, soccer, urban sports, and UFC.
Teh Botol SosroPT Sinar Sosro is the first ready-to-drink bottled tea company in Indonesia and the world. In 1969, they sold ready-to-drink tea in bottle, named Tehbotol Sosro. The name was taken from the brewed tea “The Cap Botol” and the founder’s family name, “Sosrodjojo”.

Up to this day, PT Sinar Sosro has 12 factories in all over Indonesia: Medan, Palembang, Jakarta, Tambun, Cibitung, Ungaran, Gresik, Mojokerto, and Gianyar. Not forget to mention the factory that produces Prim-A mineral water in Sentul, Purbalingga, and Pandaan. In its business development, PT Sinar Sosro has distributed their products to all over Nusantara, through sale branch offices in Nusantara.

Beside domestically, PT Sinar Sosro also spread their wings to international market by exporting one way packaging (non-glass bottles) products to several countries in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Pasific Ocean. Today, PT Sinar Sosro produces Tehbotol Sosro, Fruit Tea Sosro, S-Tee, Tebs, Country Choice, and Prim-A Mineral Water.
JUMPSTARTAt the vanguard of reshaping Indonesia's retail paradigm stands JumpStart, a trailblazer in fusing cutting-edge technology to reimagine the consumer journey. Positioned as the forerunner in this arena, we have solidified our position as Indonesia's premier and most rapidly evolving smart retail hub.

Our core dedication centers on harnessing the power of innovation to embolden enterprises and elevate customer interactions, thereby spearheading a transformative wave in the retail sector.

By championing technological advancements and intuitive solutions, we strive to elevate operational efficiencies, amplify brand engagement, and redefine the very essence of retail excellence.

JumpStart’s unwavering mission is to set forth new benchmarks, carve innovative pathways, and reshape the future of retail through a seamless blend of tech-driven ingenuity and customer-centric ethos.
HaluAppHaluApp is a marketplace for Anime-Comic-Gaming based in Indonesia. HaluApp focus on Cosplayer market, IP Licensing for Merchandise and Exhibition events. It has more than 12000 creators in South East Asia and 100k Gen Z ACG Fans
CollectCent AdsCollectcent is a leading programmatic supply platform for brand and performance campaigns extending the same on CPI, CPA, CPL, CPM and CPS models.

We work with Direct brands and Agencies across India, US, UK, Japan, Korea, and Indonesia etc.

Founded in 2013, Collectcent is a global company, with over 200 employees and offices in Toronto, Tel Aviv, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Dubai, and Singapore. We deliver 3.5 Bn impressions, 500K+ installs per day.
Driving customer acquisition, engagement & loyalty
We’ve been connecting our clients’ customers with free experiences for the last 30 years, to make their lives more rewarding and change behaviour.

Today, our unique, global platform offers companies, including the world’s biggest brands, access to thousands of experiences, across the full breadth of consumer passions and needs. From travel and hotels to family days out, from free dinners to movie nights in or out, from kids’ sport & talent lessons to pamper treatments and wellness.
Our commercial model enables clients to reward everyone, rather than the lucky few, more generously and for a fraction of the real value – guaranteeing results, strong ROI and supporting brand equity.
ATSIRIAtsiri's journey began with the discovery of an abandoned citronella distillation facility in Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu, established in 1963 as part of an Indo-Bulgarian project initiated by President Soekarno.Acquired and transformed in 2015, Rumah Atsiri opened in 2018, offering a museum, hospitality services, educational workshops, and wellness programs.

In 2020, Atsiri expanded its reach with the inception of Atsiri Shop, a retail division specializing in essential oils and natural care products.
Today, Atsiri oversees a diverse portfolio including Rumah Atsiri and Atsiri Jawa, both aromatic wellness destinations; Atsiri Shop; Produk Natural Indonesia, a personal care factory; and Somokado, a wellness hospitality provider. Atsiri embodies Indonesia’s heritage in natural wellness, striving to be the nation's pride as an aromatic wellness experience provider. Website: www.rumahatsiri.com
Indosat Digital AnalyticsIndosat Digital Analytics (iDA) is the forefront data-powered platform developed by a leading telecommunications company in Indonesia, dedicated to solving diverse business challenges. With a comprehensive array of datasets and cutting-edge data processing capabilities, iDA delivers tailored insights to address specific business requirements. Our offerings span across various domains including data-driven marketing and advertising, advanced analytics solutions, identity management, and beyond.

With iDA, we leverage the power of accurate data to empower businesses with actionable intelligence, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive growth. Backed by the expertise and infrastructure of a renowned telco company, we are committed to delivering value through innovation and excellence. Join us in unlocking the full potential of data to transform your business landscape, because our data makes your puzzle fits #TepatDenganiDA
OPPALOppal is a multi-platform media actively disseminating positive messages and information among young people in Indonesia. Why focus on young people? Because Oppal believes they have tremendous potential as positive agents of change in society. Through various formats such as images, videos, audio, and written content, Oppal presents material that not only entertains but also educates the younger generation.

Oppal's content is not merely about chasing virality but emphasizes positive values such as creativity, cooperation, tolerance, environmental awareness, and social responsibility in every piece. Moreover, Oppal actively collaborates with inspirational figures from various fields to provide inspiration and motivation to the young generation of Indonesia.

In an effort to strengthen the community with a positive spirit, Oppal has formed the Oppal Squad, consisting of students who share the same enthusiasm. Oppal's content can be accessed through various social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest with the username Oppal_ID, as well as through the website oppal.co.id.
ITDC Mandalika PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, has rebranded as InJourney Tourism Development Corporation.

As part of PT Aviasi Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) or InJourney, in accordance with Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 72 of 2021 and Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 104 of 2021.

InJourney is present as a holding ecosystem of State-Owned Enterprises in the aviation and tourism sectors in Indonesia, committed to bringing Indonesia's hospitality and cultural diversity to the world, encouraging the revival of the tourism sector, and orchestrating collaboration and integration in the tourism industry.
Djarum Smoking LoungeSuperlive is the media hub for the Supermusic, Superadventure, Supersoccer, and Superchallenge brands, offering a variety of news, highlights, and updates from the worlds of music, art, outdoor adventure, urban adventure, entrepreneurship, soccer, urban sports, and UFC.
10th APMF InstallationCarrying the theme of Make Your Mark, the exciting and long-awaited 10th edition of APMF invites stakeholders in the marketing, advertising and media industry to convene, learn, network and discover actionable insights to shape a better tomorrow.