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Edo Wicaksono
CEO of KUY! Media Group
Edo Wicaksono started his career as a Production Assistant on the Production Division at Trans TV and worked there for 8 years, eventually rising to the position of Executive Producer. After Trans TV, he moved to NET TV, culminating in his position as Vice President of Production.

His career path demonstrates an ongoing commitment to promoting entertaining content creation in Indonesia. His interest lies in creating memorable and engaging experiences for audiences across the country.

However, his career journey did not end there. Since the beginning of 2022, he has happily taken the role of Chief Executive Officer at KUY Media Group. At KUY Media Group, he oversees the development of four pivotal business pillars: KUY Media Network, KUY Agency, KUY Production, and KUY ID! His objective is to promote innovation and excellence throughout the media environment. His mission is to foster innovation and excellence across the media landscape.

Through strategic leadership and a commitment to quality, he hopes to take KUY Media Group to new heights of success, establishing their position as an industry leader. With extensive expertise and a vision for the future, he is ready to lead KUY Media Group into an era of tremendous growth and achievement.