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Robby Wahyudi
Co-Founder of JICAF
Robby Wahyudi is a co-founder of the Jakarta Illustration and Creative Arts Fair (JICAF), a pivotal platform transforming how emerging artists connect with art enthusiasts. Under Robby's guidance, JICAF has blossomed into a premier cultural event, advocating for art diversity and accessibility. With entrepreneurial flair and a passion for art, he has steered JICAF's mission to make art accessible to a broader audience, spotlighting rising talents and redefining art engagement.

Robby champions the democratization of art appreciation, aiming to foster a new generation of art buyers and collectors through innovative strategies in art presentation and curation. His leadership is marked by a commitment to innovation and collaboration, establishing JICAF as a beacon for the future of art interaction.

In addition to his significant contributions to JICAF, Robby serves as the Managing Director of Danumaya Dipa, a creative think tank specializing in creative IP development. His role at Danumaya Dipa complements his endeavors at JICAF, further enriching the creative landscape with his visionary approach.