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Teges Soraya Director, Head of Operating Property, NWP Property Indonesia Teges Prita Soraya has over 20 years of experience in retail development and marketing sectors in Indonesia and is widely recognized as a veteran in the industry. She joined NWP Property in 2016 as an Associate Director and has led the marketing communication, tenant support, and leasing departments. Prior to joining NWP, she served as the CEO of Angkasa Pura Retail (a subsidiary of Angkasa Pura Airport) from 2014 to 2016, and as a Marketing Consultant for Angkasa Pura Airport from 2012 to 2014. She is the founder of several retail, F&B, and fashion businesses. Her other experiences include senior positions in Marketing Communication and PR at Grand Indonesia Mall Jakarta, RCTI, and Hard Rock Café Jakarta. Ms. Soraya also serves as the Vice Secretary General of APPBI, the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association.