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Bhrisco Jordy Dudi PadatuRecipient of SATU Indonesia Awards by AstraIndonesia
Bhrisco Jordy Dudi Padatu is a 23-year-old from Manokwari, West Papua. He is the founder of the Lembaga Masa Depan Papua, also known as the Papua Future Project, a grassroots youth-based initiative established in 2021 to support inclusive and sustainable education in the West Papua Province. With more than twenty years of experience living in Papua, Jordy has become aware of the significant gap in education between urban and rural areas in Indonesia. This realization led him to actively contribute to community development since the age of 16.

In 2020, Jordy was selected as one of the Nusa Exploration Teachers by the Indonesia Mengajar Foundation to teach children in rural Aceh Singkil. Teaching in an underdeveloped area opened his eyes to the dreams of children, which are often limited by various factors. In his pursuit of educational equity, Jordy has worked voluntarily with the Khouw Kalbe Foundation to offer scholarships to Indonesian girls vulnerable to child marriage and to those who are victims of violence.

Through his dedication, he was chosen as an Inspirational Figure in Education by the SATU Indonesia Awards in 2022, selected from among 13,453 applicants. His strong interest in education also earned him scholarships from AMINEF and PT. Freeport Indonesia to study in the United States in July 2024, focusing on Early and School-aged Care. Some people say that "experience is the best teacher," but for Jordy, being a teacher is the best experience.