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Andovi Da Lopez
Content CreatorIndonesia
Andovi Da Lopez is a content creator and actor from Indonesia. He first gained recognition alongside his brother named Jovial Da Lopez through the SkinnyIndonesian24 channel on YouTube.

After 10 years of working on YouTube, these siblings decided to close their channel after a year of producing 8 major works, such as YouTube's Got Talent, DPR Musikal, and PENSI. Besides YouTube, Andovi is also involved in the Indonesian film industry. Andovi has starred in several Indonesian films, including Malam Minggu Miko The Movie, MODUS, Youtubers, Dilan 1991, and BUCIN. Andovi da Lopez is also a graduate of the University of Indonesia, majoring in Law.

Understanding the importance of education, Andovi and his brother initiated a scholarship under their own name, called the Da Lopez Scholarship. After providing 3 scholarships to state universities 4 years ago, they hope that what they have achieved with Da Lopez Entertainment can elevate the standards of the creative industry to a higher level, and the messages they want to convey through their work can reach even more people. After closing their YouTube channel, Andovi joined Narasi as the SVP of Community & Content Creator at Narasi and hosted the show Bongkar on Narasi for 1 year. And now Andovi is currently creating musical polarization with his brother, Jovial Da Lopez.