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Indra Gunawan
CEO, Bobobox
Indra Gunawan, the CEO of Bobobox, is an innovative leader who has significantly impacted the hospitality and tech industries. His journey began with an education in Accounting and Finance from the University of Melbourne, after which he ventured into various roles, including being a commissioner and CEO in different organizations.

In 2017, he embarked on a groundbreaking project by becoming the CEO of Bobobox, a company that aims to revolutionize sleeping pods and accommodations through technology and modularity. Under his leadership, Bobobox has achieved remarkable milestones such as the establishment of 1,200 pods and 400 cabins, maintaining an 80% occupancy rate, and receiving notable recognitions like being listed in Forbes 100 to watch in 2021.

Beyond his role at Bobobox, Gunawan is recognized for his contributions to the startup ecosystem, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and advocating for innovation-driven growth. With his commitment to reshaping the future of hospitality, Indra Gunawan continues to inspire and lead the way in redefining the way people experience accommodation.