I left the advertising corporate world to focus in the development of the Data, Tech, Media and Content industries.


From my domain and industry knowledge, I work with Asia business organizations/western MNCs, Venture Builders/Private Equity/Family Offices/Sovereign Funds, Corporate M&A units, Start-Ups and Individuals to realize the potential of People and their Ideas, Investments and Businesses.


My current projects cover Industry Development facilitation, commercial Go-To-Market advisory and Digital Transformation/Corporate Reorganization implementation in Asia Pacific and Middle East markets.

I work as a Board Member, Management Advisor and Investor to 5 businesses: 3 of which have been courted by Corporate VC funds in the last 6 months, 1 invested by Sequoia, and all are on their way to being going concerns.


Relatedly, I design and implement short-to-mid term corporate Digital Transformation programs for Asian MNCs embarking on self-disruption to future-proof.