Faisal Basri born in Bandung, November 6th 1959. Currently, he is a lecturer in Faculty of Economy of University of Indonesia and a few of private universities in Indonesia. He is also active in several non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations.


In 2014, he became the Team Leader of Oil and Gas Governance Reformation. Previously, he was the member of President’s Economy Assistance Team in 2000. He also held a strategic position in Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industri. He was one of the founders of Partai Amanat Nasional (political party) and the first Secretary General of the party.


He wrote 384 articles as a permanent columnist in Kompas newspaper and non-permanent columnist in various printed media. He also produce many scientific journals and several books. One of them is The Landscape of Indonesia’s Economy: A Review in Structural Problems, New Transformation, and Prospect of Indonesia’s Economy. He received several awards, including scholarship, such as Lifetime Achievement 2015 from Kompas and People of The Year 2012 from Seputar Indonesia newspaper.


He got his bachelor of economy from University of Indonesia (1995) and Master of Arts from Vanderbilt University, USA (1988).