Andi Boediman is a well-know player in Indonesia creative industry scene. He founded IDS-International Design School and involved in many other creative and digital/tech venture. His most recent endeavour was co-founding Ideosource, a venture capital focusing on digital industries, including ecommerce, payment, fintech, big data and Internet of things, also taking the role as its managing partner.


Current Ideosource portfolio includes: ecommerce, aCommerce online commerce fulfilment services, Orori online jewellery, FemaleDaily woman & beauty community.


Ideosource has successfully initiated & facilitated the MediaCorp & KLN as the highest value digital media deal in Indonesia. Singapore-based media giant MediaCorp 52% invest in Indonesia‚Äôs KLN Group (KLN), one of the largest and most successful online media companies in the archipelago. Ideosource’s role includes mapping the Indonesia Internet industry for potential investment, selecting the industry focus, sourcing the potential candidate for investment, preparing the company roadmap to be ready for the investment, negotiating the investment terms and preparing the due-diligence. Ideosource now owns shareholding option for the company and have an aligned interest with MediaCorp & KLN to grow the company by various strategic investment in the digital media space.