With direct flight to Bali from major airport-hub across the region, travelling to the forum will be a breeze.
Our hospitality team will be there at the airport to take you from the airport to the convention center or APMF 2018 official hotels.
APMF offers official hotels tailored to suit your taste and budget within the vicinity of the convention center.
We are also providing shuttle services from the convention center and official hotel partners.

See our list of hotels, reservation policies and more below:

APMF provides shuttle services from the airport, the convention center and official APMF 2018 hotel partners on May 2-4, 2018.

Morning Shuttle to BNDCC

Grand Whiz       07.30AM- 10.00AM

The Westin       07.30AM- 10.00AM

The Laguna       07.30AM- 10.00AM

Melia                 07.30AM- 10.00AM

Courtyard         07.30AM- 10.00AM

Novotel             07.30AM- 10.00AM

Mercure            07.30AM- 10.00AM

Evening Shuttle to Official Hotels

Grand Whiz       05.00PM- 10.00PM

The Westin       05.00PM- 10.00PM

The Laguna       05.00PM- 10.00PM

Melia                 05.00PM- 10.00PM

Courtyard         05.00PM- 10.00PM

Novotel            05.00PM- 10.00PM

Mercure           05.00PM- 10.00PM