APMF is a once every two year gathering of communication channel specialists, brand owners, publishers, and digital trendsetters. Set in the magical island of Bali, APMF is curated to challenge old conventions, to embrace new ideas that shape the future of media and consumer engagement. It highlights trends on shifting media landscape, consumer speed of adoption and their impact to business.


  • APMF is one of the most well executed media forum in the Asia Pacific region with world class speakers and industry experts. Organized by industry professionals as our pro bono ’labor of love’ project, we design the forum to deliver the most relevant and inspiring content experience for stakeholders in the industry.

  • It is the gathering of who’s who in marketing, advertising and media industry. In fact, since APMF’s first inception in 2005, the delegates attending the forum have been those who are in control of more than 90% of advertising media budget in Indonesia, and those who are highly influential decision makers from across the region.

  • It is the ideal ground to introduce new services, product and technology; the time and place to explore new possibilities and opportunities.