Agent Provocateurs

Learn from and meet the game changers, forward thinkers,
and business innovators from across the globe at the forum


These agent provocateurs bring forward key issues in business and life, igniting sparks of impact-driven solution.

Bharat Avalani

CEO Connecting the Dots Marketing Consultancy, the Global Partner of Anecdote International

Maybe (It’s Definitely) You, Rewriting Winning Brand x Agency Relationship

Devi Attamimi

Director, Hakuhodo Institute of Life & Living ASEAN

Men vs Women: Who Rules The House

Janoe Arijanto

Chairman P3I Indonesia, CEO DentsuOne Indonesia

Culture and Market: How To Make It In Indonesia

Desy Bachir

Co-Founder & CMO All Stars

Getting the Most Impactful Content Creator Produced Branded Video and THE RANT

Faisal Basri

Senior Economist

Playing Catch-up: How Indonesia is Going to be the Next Big Thing

Rohit Bhargava

Founder & Chief Trend Curator, The Non-Obvious Company

Non-Obvious Trends Changing The Future

Andi S. Boediman

Managing Partner Ideosource

Playing Catch-up: How Indonesia is Going to be the Next Big Thing

Ong Hock Chuan

Founder & Partner Maverick Indonesia

Brand Protection in an age of Fake News, Data Manipulation and Engineered Groundswell

Steve Christian

CEO & Co Founder KLY

Algorithm vs Editorial Wisdom

Alan Chou


The Rise of e-Sport: From Small Screen To Giant Stadium

Andovi & Jovial Da Lopez

YouTuber SkinnyIndonesian24

THE RANT: Influencer Marketing

Reynold D’Silva

APAC Head of Marketing, Brands and E-Commerce, Facebook

Zero Friction Future and Where We’ve Gone Wrong in Mixing the Art & Science of Marketing Together

Rohit Dadwal

Chairman MMA APAC

Keeping Up With The Audience, Creating Mobile (ad) Message at The Speed of Audience

Simon Fuller

Entrepreneur, Producer, Creator

Rewriting Pop Culture

Andry Ganda

Founder Cameo Project

Getting the Most Impactful Content Creator Produced Branded Video

Christopher Graves

President, The Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science

The Real Why. The Hidden Who: Wired for Dirt, But Living in Digital

Shufen Goh

Principal and co-founder R3

Why Aren’t We (Agency) Sexy Anymore

Arvinder Gujral

Managing Director Twitter SEA

Between Revenue and Credibility, Why Publishers and Brands Should Lead The Movement for Authenticity, Brand Safety & Trust

Pablo Gomez

Regional Director Media & Digital Kantar

Media Biases: Enough Digital (Hype), Welcome Back TV

Josh Gallagher

Chief Strategy Officer HAVAS APAC

Where We’ve Gone Wrong in Mixing the Art & Science of Marketing Together

Niall Hogan

Integral Ads Science Managing Director SEA.

Fraud, Viewability & Brand Safety

Sutanto Hartono


Redrawing The Landsape of Indonesia Cross-Screen Brand Journey

Manuel Hubault

Global SVP Brand Partnerships Universal Music Group

The Era of Cultural Marketing

Piotr Jakubowski


0 to 100 Million Orders: What Rewrites Looks Like in GoJek

Norm Johnston

CEO Unruly

The Science of World’s Most Popular (Online) Video

Hellen Katherina

Executive Director Media Nielsen Indonesia

Indonesia Disrupted: What’s Next for Brand and Media Amidst Shifting Consumer Behavior

Nita Kartikasari

CEO Lumina Kaya Indonesia

Guts and Gumption: Pushing Your Ideas for Change When Change is Difficult

Harry Kartono

Country Lead, NVIDIA Indonesia

The Rise of e-Sport: From Small Screen To Giant Stadium

Khrisna Kumar

Head of Waze APAC

Machine Learning at Its’ Best (and How It Will Help Your Brand)

Avi Liran

Chief Delighting Officer

Delighted and Happier (The Unexpected Rituals That Make Us Happier)

Bessie Lee

CEO/Founder, Withinlink

From Copied in China to Created in China

Marissa McArdle

Global VP Digital Audience Measurement Nielsen

Distorted Reality: KPIs x AdFraud

Ann Mack

Director of Insight Marketing, Facebook

The 5 Consumer Shifts Shaping 2020

Joe Nguyen

Senior VP comScore APAC

Are We The Last Hardworking Generation?

Mohammed Nanabhay

Deputy CEO, MDIF

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Harnessing The Power of Internet for Good

Tinanda Nabila

Co-Founder & MD Rollover Reaction

What We Actually Do When You Think We Are Just About Taking Selfies

Irzan Raditya

CEO & Founder

Deciphering AI for Brands, How AI Chatbot Will Help Brands Big or Small

Sunilkumar Suvvaru

Director Capella Digital + Prashant Choudary, Head of Sales inMobi SEA

Is Programmatic a Big Conspiracy Theory?

Eka Sugiarto

Head of Media, Indonesia & SEAA Unilever

We Are Cutting (Media) Budget, Here’s Why

Takeyuki Sakaguchi

International Business Director Hakuhodo

Men vs Women: Who Rules The House

Axton Salim

Director & CMO, Indofood

Why So Serious: Bravery x Creativity That Pays

Jeffrey Seah

Partner, Mettle & Salt Partner

Why Blockchain Could be The Next Best Thing That Happen to Media & Advertising

Hor Jian Tsin

MD Rapport Malaysia

Standing On The Shoulder of Giants: Why Out of Home Plays a Crucial Impact on Your Brand Success

Iman Usman

Co-Founder, Chief of Product and Partnership Ruangguru

Practice: There’s No Substitute

Lin Chi Wei

Policy Advisor to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Strategic Advisor of Katadata, Co-Founder of Katadata

Playing Catch-up: How Indonesia is Going to be the Next Big Thing

Melati Wijsen

Bye Bye Plastic

Ask Us How To Save The World

Rex Wong

CEO Ucast

What’s OFF about TV and how to Switch It ON


Encouraging bravery and leadership to challenge convention and create prosperous future.

APMF invites innovators and business leaders to take part in a collective effort to discover ground-breaking ideas and solution at the time when technology has disrupted our way of living and doing business. A gathering of game changers in the world where old business model fast becoming obsolete, skill sets are rendered irrelevant and current jobs are lost.

APMF is held to ignite action and passion for us to go beyond a mere cosmetic changes and to fundamentally rewrite the way we engage our businesses with people.


Embrace, challenge, collaborate and immerse yourself along with brand and people engagement extraordinaire at APMF 2018

APMF 2018 is designed to become a prolific platform to spark great ideas and impactful implementation. We will be embarking on an stimulating learning journey that will evoke the creative part of our brain and push us to rewrite the conventional.

Marketing, Media, Advertising, Technology and Life: discover and create what’s next in our field through inspiring keynotes, strategic advance classes, intimate one-one date along with technology & services exhibition and other APMF unique program.



Innovative business leaders and inspiring change agents have rocked APMF stage since 2005, our past speakers includes:

Barry Cupples,

Peter F Gontha,
Media Visionary

David Gould,
Executive President & Global MD, SMG Global

Kensuke Joji ,
Chief Technical Media Producer, HakuhodoDY Media Partners, Japan

Kevin Kelly,
Technology Visionary

Adi Kusma,
President Director Biznet Network

Liam Macmanus,
Communication Strategy Director Mindshare Asia AMET

Rene Menezes,
CEO CtrlShift

Edward Pank,

Mike Savage,
VP Content MPA

Ainul Yaqin,
VP Food Unilever Indonesia

Peter Tortorici,
President GroupM Entertainment

Rory Sutherland,
Vice Chairman Ogilvy Group UK

Nick Waters,
CEO Aegis Media APAC

Faris Abouhamad,
Chairman and World President IAA Global

Ajaz Ahmed,
CEO and Founder AKQA

Michael Aidan,
Head of Digital & VP Digital Platform Danone

Merlee Cruz Jayme,
Chairmom/CCO DM9 Jayme Syfu

Sutanto Hartono,

Himanshu Shekhar,
CEO Mindshare ASEAN

Amit Chaubey,
Head of Marketing Science Facebook SEA

Ken Cheung,
Head of Media and Entertainment Partnership, Facebook APAC

Steve Christian,
CEO & Founder KLN

Giring Ganesha,
Musician & Founder KincirCom

Robert Gilby,
MD The Walt Disney Company SEA

Vikas Gulati,
MD Opera Media Network APAC

Gwendolyn Regina,
Director of Strategic & Business Development Mashable APAC

Hemant Bakshi,
President Director Unilever Indonesia

Stephen Ng,

Joe Nguyen,
Senior VP Comscore APAC

Johanna Pesso,
VP Product CPXi

Leroy Pinto,
Head of Data & Measurement Platform Google SEA/India

Noni Purnomo,
President Director Blue Bird Group Holding

Alex Rusli,
CEO Indosat Ooredo

Triawan Munaf,
Chairman, BEKRAF

Satoshi Ishigai,
Communication Planner Dentsu Inc. Japan

Tommy Wattimena,
CEO Sinarmas Consumer Product & Distribution

Ragnar Kruse,
CEO Smaato Inc

Gerd Leonhard,

Tony Fernandes,
Group CEO AirAsia

Hary Tanoesoedibjo,

Edward Thesiger,
Technical Advisor GroupM Indonesia

Nick Emery,
Chief Strategy Officer GroupM/Mindshare Worldwide

Mark Holden,
MD PHD Australia

Gavin Mehrotra,
International Media Director The Coca Cola Company   

Vishnu Mohan,
CEO Havas Media APAC

Deby Sadrach,
Home and Personal Care Director Unilever Indonesia

Kotaro Sugiyama,
Senior Executive Officer Dentsu Japan

Scott Thomson,
Global Head of Evaluation Naked Communication

Paul Fisher,
MD Media Nielsen APMEA

Donald Fitzmaurice,
CEO Brandtone

David Lu,
MD USA Adskom Inc

Abdee Negara,
musician Slank

Yoris Sebastian,
Author and Creative Provocateur 

Adeline Setiawan,
Media Director Unilever Indonesia SEA 

Hasnul Suhaimi,
President Director XL Axiata Indonesia

Erick Thohir,
Founder Mahaka Media

Anand Tilak,
Country Head, FB Indonesia

Andreas Vogiatzakis,
MD OMG Malaysia

Earl J Wilkinson,
Executive Director & CEO INMA


Morihiko Hasebe,
Senior CD Hakuhodo

Tara Hirebet,
Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Nanda Ivens,

Piotr Jakubowski,
CMO Gojek 

Timo Josten,
Director Ilmuone Data

Sunita Kaur,
MD Spotify Asia

Tony Keusgen,
Country Head GoogleID

Kentaro Kimura,
CoCEO & ECD Hakuhodo Kettle

Pippa Leary,

Chandra Liow,

Jayant Murty,
Director Brand Strategy, Media and Integrated Marketing Intel Corp. APAC Japan

Rahul Welde,
VP Media Unilever Asia AMET

Eka Sugiarto,
Head Media Unilever ID

Brian ‘Rich Chigga’ Immanuel,

CEO & Founder Somia Consulting

Susana Tsui,

Danny Wirianto,
CMO GDP Venture 

CEO & Founder NET TV

Achmad Zaki,
CEO & Founder BukaLapak

Jacek Utko,
Newspapers Designer and Consultant

Saugata Gupta,
CEO Consumer Product Division Marico India

Divya Gururaj,
MD Mediacom India

Mark Patterson,

Charo Santos-Concio,
President ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation

Chairul Tanjung,
Chairman & Founder CT Corp